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Marginalizing extremists, at home and abroad

The trouble with folks like Mark Steyn is that all their clamor about Europe being swept away in a tide of hostile immigrants obscures the very real problem of assimilating new arrivals. Steyn, for...


He Doesn’t Look a Thing Like Jesus

Quoting a cheesy Killers song would seem to be the only appropriate response to Geert Wilders, whose messiah complex has led him to formulate this marvelously incoherent set of principles for “saving” the West:...


islamism as political not religious ideology

(Image via Flickr-er markkilner, Creative Commons) — Ghaffar Hussain, former member of British Islamist group Hizb ut Tahrir interviewed by Der Spiegel (h/t Salon). Generally, what role does religious knowledge play in the process...