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On the Aftermath of Hobby Lobby

Just a few days out from their SCOTUS victory, movement conservatives have already found a way to turn their potential triumph into a political train wreck. Tod Kelly explains.


The Price Of Citizenship (Updated)

New Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled today in favor of a plaintiff who sued for violation of one of that state’s anti-discrimination laws based on a photographer refusing to take pictures at her same-sex commitment ceremony. Burt Likko presents a digest of the decision.


Military Pride

Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Edmonton has marked a new first in the history of the Canadian military. They are flying the Pride Flag. From CTVNews.ca: n a show of support by the Canadian Armed...


Romney the prankster, Obama the politician

You knew it would get ugly, and now it has. Romney’s character is being called into question as his past as a youthful prankster and loud-mouthed homophobe is coming to light. Recalling an incident...


My own experience of being gay in medicine

Yesterday Andrew Sullivan linked to an item at WBUR’s Common Health blog, in which Dr. Mark Schuster, a tenured professor and pediatrician at Harvard Medical School and Children’s Hospital tells his story of being a gay man entering the medical...


A vendetta against BioWare?

So I have a post up at Forbes on the bizarre reaction to BioWare’s latest game, Mass Effect 3, on Metacritic. Despite glowing reviews, the user score has been hovering around 2.5. At first...


Our monument won’t be a hole in the ground

Conor Friedersdorf posts this video of radical conservative Bryan Fischer: Conor writes: In the clip above, Bryan Fisher of the American Family Association reminds us that until very recently, many U.S. jurisdictions imposed unconscionable...


Gay Muppets

I misread Julian Sanchez’s post and unfortunately mischaracterized his argument because of it. I still think we disagree, on some level, about what ought to be done regarding the representation of gays on Sesame...


Picture of the day

People use these words to justify a lot of things. Oftentimes, I think they’re misused, or warped in a fundamental, definitional way to mean exactly the opposite of what they actually mean. At a...