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SCOTUS Rules (sort of) on Gay Wedding Cake Debate

SCOTUS did not issue an opinion on whether a baker may legally refuse to bake a cake for a gay wedding; rather, it focused on what it saw as the Commission’s non-neutral, “hostile” handling of Phillips’ case.

Bigots Come Out Of The Closet

Catholic Vote turns the tide on the gay marriage issue by creating a video featuring six bigots coming out the closet. Or something.

Religious Liberty is a Farce

Religious liberty is only given priority when the stakes don’t matter. That’s because few truly believe that “religious” beliefs have special status.

Arizona on My Mind

Those of us in favor of same sex marriage have won. But how do we live with those who are the losers?

Big Wednesday 2013

I thought this would only have been a one-day thing. But we’re here on the third day in a row of huge decisions from the Supreme Court. At last, we have rulings on the...

Copping To The Tu Quoque

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post headlined, “Secret Children for Me, No Gay Marriage For Thee!” because I lack the subtlety gene that most human beings are born with.* The post concerned...

Vive La France!

Félicitations, nos amis. C’est la triomphe de la liberté, égalité, et l’amour. Célébrer et soyez joyeux!

Antonin Scalia is either a fool or a liar

Scalia: “I take no position on whether it’s harmful or not, but it’s certainly true there is no answer to that scientific question…” — Ryan J. Reilly (@ryanjreilly) March 26, 2013 This is why...

“Secret Children For Me, No Gay Marriage For Thee!”

Pete Domenici used to be a Senator and a conservative one at that, so conservative in fact that he managed to staunchly oppose anything that might benefit gay citizens. The Defense of Marriage Act?...

Romney the prankster, Obama the politician

You knew it would get ugly, and now it has. Romney’s character is being called into question as his past as a youthful prankster and loud-mouthed homophobe is coming to light. Recalling an incident...

On Sesame Street and Gay Marriage

My take, contra Julian Sanchez, is that Bert and Ernie should not get married A) because the show’s creators say they’re not gay, and B) because Sesame Street doesn’t really deal with sexuality because...

“Yuck” a Duck

~by RTod On Wednesday Erik posted a picture of two (presumably) married costumed lesbians, kissing while holding a sign saying Liberty, a sign saying Justice, and a child that is either from the Village...

Picture of the day

People use these words to justify a lot of things. Oftentimes, I think they’re misused, or warped in a fundamental, definitional way to mean exactly the opposite of what they actually mean. At a...

The Precautionary Marriage Principle

My views on marriage are pretty unformed, but – given the recent Sullivan-Douthat exchange – I thought I’d try my hand at explaining the type of secular, prudential argument against gay marriage that makes...