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Sandefur: Voting for Obama

A bit of a surprise, but his reasons are solid. Particularly on dividing the government and on judicial appointments. I’m still undecided, but the leading contenders are Gary Johnson and “don’t vote, it just...


Here Comes Iowa

I’m left with more than a little despair these days. Ron Paul’s newsletters and the implications of those pamphlets, including the enormous amount of money Paul made publishing them, are more damning than I...


A Few Good Men

I watched maybe half of the first GOP 2012 primary debate the other night on Fox. I actually thought the questions were decent, and while many pundits have written off the debate as the...


Gary Johnson 2012

On Twitter today, Roger Ebert said of Gary Johnson: “The part I don’t understand: Why is this man a Republican?” A better question is – why isn’t the Republican Party more like Gary Johnson?...


Anti-statists and the current regime

Bob Cheeks asks: “Do you see yourself, in some degree, to be anti-statist? What is your opinion of the current regime?” Well I suppose I do consider myself to be anti-statist, but I’m also...

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