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Later, Kimmy Jo

“Life’s a garden man. Dig it!” That’s the tagline on my friend Kim’s Facebook profile. It’s a fitting slogan for a woman like her, a happy-go-lucky girl who never took anything too seriously. Even...

Dominos Pizza

One More Slice With Andrew

Symposium: It’s not surprising the Domino’s Pizza guys got to know Andrew to the point that they would actually worry about him. Andrew was an incredibly kind person.


Linky Friday: Family and Friends

Linky Friday is Ordinary Time’s Friday tradition of compiling links from around the world and across the web straight to you. This week in Linky Friday: Family, Friends, Unfriended, and Reunion, soundtracked with songs of people we love, hate, and love to hate. Read and share.

Deactivated Friendships

Every day I’d scroll through my feed after making sure that the page showed all activity and not only the top stories, but as my eyes passed over each status update, I rarely read every word or paused to think about the people telling me something about their lives.

Harry Potter the Jock

I’m going to write a few posts about Harry Potter in anticipation of seeing the latest, and final, film. Amanda Marcotte has a smart observation about Harry Potter and his band of non-misfits: I...

Friendship and civic virtue

Patrick Deneen has written a fascinating entry on friendship, politics and civic virtue. Excerpting doesn’t do the post justice, but here’s the crux of his thesis: The real relationships of people in their localities...