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Friday Night Jukebox: Chuck Brown Edition

Haven’t done one of these yet in my (almost) two months onboard—so here goes. Chuck Brown, as everyone should know, was The Godfather of Go-Go. He more or less singlehandedly birthed Go-Go out of an...

Friday Night (Morning?) Jukebox: Chris Knight & Others

As country music has been discussed here recently, I thought I would share a few videos. For what it’s worth, I purposefully avoided “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” types of songs. Kentuckian Chris Knight...

Friday Night Jukebox: Never Stop

Everytime someone asks me to recommend a new band I rave and rave about The Bad Plus. They’re alternative jazz, I say, but not like you expect. They’re good and not just to jazz...

Song for Stephen Metcalf

For those interested, Metcalf responds to his critics (including our own Mark Thompson) here.

Friday Night Jukebox

I turned 26 this week. Aging sucks – don’t let them tell you any different:

Friday Night Jukebox

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a live version worth posting on YouTube:

Friday Night Jukebox

I saw School of Seven Bells last night, and they were pretty excellent live. Enjoy:

Friday Night Jukebox

The Jukebox spins back to the late 60s this evening to highlight one of the most underrated pop-rock bands of all time:  The Association (wiki here).  They were overshadowed by some of their better...

Friday Night Jukebox

I just had to let you know how I feel: The album version is also excellent:

Friday Night Jukebox

I’m a sucker for rhythmic minimalism: New York Is Killing Me – Gil S…

Friday Night Jukebox

To celebrate Mary Washington’s unprecedented semi-final showing at the recent Harvard Policy Debate Tournament, here’s a great song that includes a very random Harvard reference: Enjoy your weekend.


I have no idea why cap-and-trade is an issue in Virginia’s attorney general race, but Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli had this to say on the subject at RedState (note: “Ration and Tax” is Cuccinelli’s...

Friday Night Jukebox

Here’s Beirut’s original version of “Cliquot”: And here’s a lovely cover:

Why do my co-bloggers hate America?

Freddie and Jamelle decided to honor the Boss’s 60th birthday by posting . . . a Joy Division playlist and some Misfits. Well, here’s “Thunder Road”: And here’s “Open All Night”:

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