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Stop Censorship, Stop ACTA

I have a primer up at Forbes on a little known trade agreement, ACTA, which does all the bad stuff that SOPA threatened to do, only worse. Masked as an anti-counterfeiting treaty, ACTA threatens...


Free Speech and Killing Kittens

Here’s a provocative post from Stanley Fish: To anyone who has been following First Amendment jurisprudence in the past 40 or 50 years, the recent Supreme Court decision (United States v. Stevens, April 20)...


Politics over Freedom, Ctd

Via Doug Mataconis, Andrew Coulson finds yet another one of those “little incidents” that add up to a pattern of choosing politics over respect for freedoms:


The President’s War on Fox

Transplanted Lawyer has the first – and thus far, only – truly sane take I’ve seen on the matter.  I was thinking about writing a post on this subject, but T.L.’s post says all...