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Ordinary World for 3 Dec 2018

Your Ordinary World for 3 Dec 2019 with links to stories about Brexit, China, India, Pakistan, France, Russia, Japan, Canada, and Nigeria where the president has announced that he is not, in fact, a clone.


It’s Been a Bad Day

Music and music videos. One in French, a couple with French lyrics, and a couple good for rainy days.


A Vast Silence

The New York Times ran a story that took Burt Likko’s breath away in outrage when he read it last night. But apparently, he’s pretty much the only one.


Vive La France!

Félicitations, nos amis. C’est la triomphe de la liberté, égalité, et l’amour. Célébrer et soyez joyeux!


Plain Dumb Luck

In my perfect world, I’d have Michel Foucault’s old job: Professor of the History of Systems of Thought at the Collège de France. Here’s a bit of what I might want to teach.


Banning Burqas: Yea or Nay?

I fall squarely in the “nay” camp, but here’s a nice summary of the debate over burqas in France from The Economist.