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Nikki Haley 6

Nikki Haley Resigns as UN Ambassador

Nikki Haley, the United State’s Ambassador to the United Nations, has resigned. In accepting her resignation President Trump says Amb. Haley will leave her position at the end of the year.


Niccoló and the Bully

As I watch the Trump Administration deteriorate into the political equivalent of the Fyre Festival, my thoughts naturally turn to Machiavelli.


The Presidential Power of Printing Passports

When a Supreme Court Justice calls an entire city a “delicate subject,” there’s pretty much only one city he could be talking about. Burt Likko breaks down today’s division-of-powers decision.


Syria Musings Pt. 2.5 — The Arab League Reacts

A short Labor Day weekend musing. The Arab League has now moved toward asking for a UNSC backed intervention in Syria. The announcement is sufficiently vaguely worded that it’s not likely to actually amount to...


Waiting for Halabja

~by Creon Critic What exactly is the delay in formulating a comprehensive strategy to transition the Assad regime out of power in Syria? However reluctant President Obama is to get further involved in another...


The Obama Doctrine Reborn

No Driving Blind today. Instead, everyone should take some time to read and consider the President’s speech on foreign policy from earlier. Full remarks below,


Conflicting Accounts of Obama’s Foreign Policy Achievements

Andrew Sullivan wants Obamaites to more aggressively tout the President’s foreign policy achievements: “I think the Obamaites need to be more aggressive in foreign policy arguments. Obama ended one war in Iraq, dispatched Osama bin Laden...


The World American Dysfunction Made

Military policy is one of those subjects that requires certain bona fides to discuss them with any level of sophistication.  It crosses history, sociology, military history and strategy, each of which is a serious...


Something’s Rotten in the State of Our Union

Many have debated the President’s remarks from last Tuesday night’s State of the Union speech.  E.D. Kain thought it was very successful, providing the American audience with a “rousing speech about the American dream,...


America, Forever At War

~by Elias Isquith James Joyner’s got a piece up at The Atlantic called “How Perpetual War Became U.S. Ideology” — and it’s a total disaster. From start-to-finish, the article is ill-conceived and under-thought and it...


Toward a norm of humanitarian intervention

by Creon Critic Several senior diplomats warn of genocide and, at minimum, crimes against humanity. Their concerns are corroborated by defecting military personnel, pilots and naval officers, who tell of orders to target civilians....


The Mittens Come Off

I see Br. Matthew has beaten me to the punch* on this one, but Mitt Romney is not dropping foreign policy science in his new book. From Time’s Alex Altman: It’s tempting to dismiss the section...



I was going to write a longer post on this, but one interesting consequence of Obama’s decision to escalate the war in Afghanistan (a decision I support, however tentatively) is the ad hoc redrawing...


defining American interests

Stranger things have happened, but this is still worth noting.  It turns out that a slim majority of Republicans now believe [pdf] that it is not America’s responsibility to “actively promote democracy around the...


Kagan doesn’t get it

Of the four or five thinkers who have had the greatest impact on my thinking, I would probably rank Reinhold Niebuhr near or at the top.  I’m not really in the mood to give...