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Yasukuni Shrine and Political Theatre

Confucian tradition recommends honouring one’s ancestors even when they are criminals. South Korea and China should be familiar with this tradition and thus their reactions to Abe’s visits to Yasukuni Shrine is more political theatre than genuine offense.


Here Comes Iowa

I’m left with more than a little despair these days. Ron Paul’s newsletters and the implications of those pamphlets, including the enormous amount of money Paul made publishing them, are more damning than I...


George Washington was wrong

~by Creon Critic Reacting to the news the US would deploy 100 armed advisers to central Africa to help defeat Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) leader Joseph Kony, Michelle Bachmann cited George Washington, “I will...


Tripoli and the hawks

I’m concerned that any perceived “success” in Libya (i.e. the fall of Gaddafi as rebels even now storm the city, arrest his sons, and topple the regime – though this was never the stated goal of the mission)...


Why Don’t Liberals Care About Foreign Policy?

~by Ryan B. Now, not to pick on Matt Yglesias, because I don’t think he’s necessarily worse than most of the center-left-type bloggers out there, but he recently put up two posts that rubbed...


The bad logic of intervention in Libya

Marc Lynch explains the strategic importance of intervention in Libya (via the Dish): Libya matters to the United States not for its oil or intrinsic importance, but because it has been a key part...


War as stimulus

Oh my: Here is where Obama is likely to prevail. With strong Republican support in Congress for challenging Iran’s ambition to become a nuclear power, he can spend much of 2011 and 2012 orchestrating...


Wars of Folly

[updated] So the pushback against my war posts is interesting and has me thinking. I suppose that if you peel back the ‘defense’ and ‘plunder’ binary you can see some other variations of war....


The weak presidency

Via Jonathan Chait, the other other Jonathan* – Jonathan Bernstein, not Jonathan Cohn – has a handy rebuttal to this Greenwald post. Greenwald, whose admirable passion may have gotten ahead of his political science...


Larison and the Economist

This interview with Daniel Larison over at The Economist is quite good.  You should read it.


You say Obama, I say Osama

I read this post over at The Dish and quite honestly thought it said “Obama” and not “Osama.”  Which changes everything, of course.  Read the following passage substituting the word Osama with Obama: Paul...


Honduras: Reclaiming the American Sphere of Influence

While I took much issue with the Obama Administration’s initial response to the Honduran crisis in July, and especially the severe sanctions imposed, which achieve little more than hurting an already desperately poor population, I must...