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Round of 16 Ends

No spoilers here. But in the post, yeah. Spoilers.


Explaining Soccer

Mike Dwyer asked us to explain the appeal of soccer. Here’s my attempt, using a goal the Netherlands’ Robin Van Persie scored today. First watch the video of the goal, then I’ll break it...



World Cup draws. Early predictions. Frustrations. England fans singing vulgar songs. Cheering. Zero-zero ties. It’s a beautiful game.


Halfway Highlights

With 8 weeks behind us, let’s re-assess the contenders and the pretenders in the NFL.  The criteria are the same: I rank teams based on how I think they’d fare against one another in...



FOOTBALL IS HERE!  FOOTBALL IS HERE!!! HEY, EVERYONE… FOOTBALL IS HERE! Yes, I know, technically the season started on Thursday, but Sundays are what it is all about with the NFL.  Even though my...


Peyton Manning: Mr. 41%

You probably missed it, because only mere mortals were involved, but Peyton Manning threw 7 touchdowns last night.  Of course, that is just 41% of what Tim Tebow threw when he was with the...


Briefly, On Football’s Culture and Rape

On Monday, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish will compete for college football’s national championship. This is the kind of thing that gets sportswriters in a tizzy. If you’re of a certain Age, Notre Dame...


Surely a sign of the Apocalypse…

I’m starting to wonder if the Mayans were at least in the right ballpark on the date of the whole end of the world thing. Last night my beloved and perennially hapless Seahawks destroyed the the...


2012-13 College Football Bowl Season Preview

Last year, I posted the bowl preview I always write for a friend. Since I wrote it again this year, I figured I’d post the new version. I tried to edit for a more...


NFL Football Contest!

Summer’s winding down, and Labor Day’s just around the corner, which means that it’s just about time for football. I was thinking this year we might have a contest to see whose professional gridiron...


I don’t watch football for the violence

Friday Night Lights author Buzz Bissinger writes in Newsweek/Beast of the Junior Seau suicide: If you asked reporters why they were there, they would give some mumbo-jumbo reason that as hard as it may be,...


College Football Bowl Season Preview

Since yesterday was Opposite Day, I didn’t really want to break up the party by posting this, so it got pushed back a day. Then I realized it might actually be Opposite Week. In...


So What Do We Do About College Athletics?

 (Note: This is not a real Denard Robinson action figure, even though it should be. It was designed by the insanely-talented Jeremy of The Art. The Art. The Art! He was kind enough to let...