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Maryland’s Regents Try To Excuse A Killing

The University of Maryland’s Board Of Regents had a decision to make: retain a football coach accused of killing one of his players, nor not retaining a football coach accused of killing one of his players. They inexplicably chose the latter.


NFL Owners To Force Players To Stand

The NFL had to choose between its black players and its conservative white fans. It, very predictably, went with its conservative, white fans.


Bowl Challenges!

It’s bowl season. I have some thoughts, some (so far terrible) predictions, and a challenge for y’all.



It’s time for some skating and some inter-generational conflict.


And Another Thing…!

As if a racially offensive nickname weren’t bad enough, now this.


Round of 16 Ends

No spoilers here. But in the post, yeah. Spoilers.


Explaining Soccer

Mike Dwyer asked us to explain the appeal of soccer. Here’s my attempt, using a goal the Netherlands’ Robin Van Persie scored today. First watch the video of the goal, then I’ll break it...



World Cup draws. Early predictions. Frustrations. England fans singing vulgar songs. Cheering. Zero-zero ties. It’s a beautiful game.


Halfway Highlights

With 8 weeks behind us, let’s re-assess the contenders and the pretenders in the NFL.  The criteria are the same: I rank teams based on how I think they’d fare against one another in...