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Washington Redskins 74

They Who Must Not Be Named

Today I realized I’m tired of the fight over the “Redskins” name, tired of citing Ives Goddard, and tired of taking positions on the polls.

Coronavirus 34

Coronaroundup: Nick Saban Edition

Three cheers for Nick Saban. Football coaches are cultural leaders of a sort. One is about to become a senator in Alabama, even. What they do matters.

super bowl 2

Weekend Plans Post: The Big Game

The WrestleMania of Football happens this Sunday! So the question is “WHO IS THIRSTIER!?” and the answer is probably Kansas City.


Wednesday Writs for 9/11: Willie Francis is Executed, Twice

Writs are back this week, with the story of a prisoner who was executed twice, an ill-tempered judge throwing an ironic fit and another who appoints himself prosecutor, space law, the NFL lawsuit fumbles, dumb criminals and more.

Andrew Luck

The Perspective of Luck, or Lack Thereof

Sports and politics have that in common. People absolutely lose their minds over it, and their basic life skills and humanity tend to go with it.

Maryland’s Regents Try To Excuse A Killing

The University of Maryland’s Board Of Regents had a decision to make: retain a football coach accused of killing one of his players, nor not retaining a football coach accused of killing one of his players. They inexplicably chose the latter.

NFL Owners To Force Players To Stand

The NFL had to choose between its black players and its conservative white fans. It, very predictably, went with its conservative, white fans.

Bowl Challenges!

It’s bowl season. I have some thoughts, some (so far terrible) predictions, and a challenge for y’all.

Have We Passed Peak NFL?

The end of the world as we know it?

How do you feel about this?


It’s time for some skating and some inter-generational conflict.

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