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Heller 1

Wednesday Writs for 8/7

An absolute victory for those who favor an unrestrained right to bear arms, devastating blow to those who cry for gun control, right? Not completely, no.


The Florida Story Teetering on the Edge

The Florida raids are becoming a textbook cases for how police and prosecutors overstate the problem of sex trafficking in this country. But even if further investigation does show that some of these women were being coerced, that only makes the case for decriminalization even stronger.

Amendment 4 3

The First Day of Amendment 4 for Re-enfranchised Voters

Tuesday, 9 January 2019, is the first day that some felons in Florida who previously had their voting rights removed can register to vote again under the effects of Amendment 4. The question is how exactly is that going to work?


Marriage Class

Burt Likko was going to mercilessly lampoon a prestige law firm for three of its partners writing a deeply offensive and poorly-reasoned memo. But he got distracted by a shiny object along the way.


Populism In a Nutshell, Again

This is a pretty minor story for anyone outside of Florida’s 19th district, Congress-critter-wise.  But I want to briefly touch on it because it underscores one of the inherent problems I’ve been talking about...


Florida Judge Voids Affordable Care Act

Brian Beutler has the scoop: A federal district court judge in Florida ruled today that a key provision in the new health care law is unconstitutional, and that the entire law must be voided....


That rarest of beasts – the positive political ad

I like this Marco Rubio ad because it’s positive, avoids cheap shots at Charlie Crist even though Crist has made himself a very easy target, and because, quite frankly, I really loathe Charlie Crist....

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