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The Jobless ‘Recovery’

It’s worth reading  Monika Bauerlein and Clara Jeffery’s article at Mother Jones on the ‘great speed-up’. The looming possibility of a double-dip recession notwithstanding, the economic recovery so far has been decidedly lopsided. While corporate profits are up, the American workforce fared...


A Response to Paul Krugman

by Christopher Carr Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman’s existence in the popular consciousness largely rests on ideological antagonism.  Krugman’s infamous September 2009 New York Times Magazine editorial, “How Did Economists Get It So...


Fiscal Responsibility, part II

I don’t understand how Conor can say this with a straight face: You’d think after rightly complaining about the Bush Administration’s unprecedented irresponsibility for eight years, leading Democrats would understand that we’re trapped in...


Progressives for a value-added tax?

Via Megan McArdle is this interesting graph from the Congressional Budget Office showing the impact the recession has had on tax revenues, organized by type of tax: I am also surprised to see that...


Rewriting the conservative narrative

“While I agree that it’s fairly pointless, as a tactical matter, for dissidents to attack the talk radio giants, this comes, I think, out of a deep frustration that people with little more than...

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