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NPR’s Rural Listeners

The League’s own Matthew Schmitz has a nice post on rural radio at First Thoughts.


The Irrelevance of Damon Linker

Damon Linker is a relative irrelevance. Any attempt by a significant figure to refute his glaring errors only serves to validate the bête noire role he has chosen for himself. Happily, I can point...


Science fiction & God

This article at First Things by Robert R. Chase is a fascinating look at religious themes in science fiction. I’ve always felt that science-fiction was far less amenable to religion than fantasy, but thinking...


Tortured Logic

Joe Carter has written an excellent post on torture, pacifism, and the moral legitimacy of “enhanced interrogation.”


Second Thoughts

Over at First Thoughts, Joe Carter has one of the more measured, intelligent responses to the Gates arrest. You should read the whole thing, but the crux of his argument seems to be that...