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How To Pay For It

I’m against Medicare for All but I understand that many people are for it. There are various arguments in favor. But paying for it will not be easy. And supporters had best stop trying to pretend that it is.

Regulating the Crash

There was some very smart discussion in my Keynes vs. Hayek thread about the crash and whether or not previous efforts to deregulate the financial industry led to the 2008 crash. So my question...

The vanilla option

Rortybomb expands on his Evil Rorty scenario with a solution:

Evil Rorty, loan sharks, and Bastiat’s Broken Window

Mike Konczal (aka Rortybomb) has a really fascinating thought experiment over at his blog wherein, a la Star Trek (and later Southpark) he transforms into “Evil Rorty” in order to make a point about the...