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Films That Could Have Been

There are far too many science fiction films that left us asking: what happened? Thankfully, three recent documentaries get to the bottom of it.


5 Thinks I Hated About Gravity

Hate is a strong word–and there is plenty in Gravity to love, and that I did love–but a few things just left me frustrated and disappointed (spoilers).



What are movies for?


The Dark Knight Rises, Some Thoughts

Why do I like Nolan’s Batman movies? Why have I anticipated each one so much, taking part in their taxing spectacle with the unflinching glee of a 5 year old? Why do I lose...


Remembering Andrew Sarris

Sad news. One of my favorite professors from my undergraduate days, Andrew Sarris, has died. I think Pauline Kael has ended up much more widely known, but Sarris’s reviews from back in the day were...


How The Avengers Succeeds

“They’re a mash-up; they’re insane,” Whedon says. “But the beauty of that is as exciting as the problem of that is daunting.” Marvel’s The Avengers is an impressive monster. A juggernaut at the box...


2012 Oscar Nominations Have Been Announced

I’m sad to say that I haven’t had a chance to see a majority of the films listed here.  Especially over this past year, I’ve taken to spending my money on seeing movies that are...


Nostalgia and film

As a brief follow up to my post on upper-middle-class families in modern television and film, I’d like to respond to this comment by Sam MacDonald: Yes. If we could only go back to...


Harry Potter the Jock

I’m going to write a few posts about Harry Potter in anticipation of seeing the latest, and final, film. Amanda Marcotte has a smart observation about Harry Potter and his band of non-misfits: I...


Harry Potter and the Ministry of Magic

I’m going to write a few posts about Harry Potter in anticipation of seeing the latest, and final, film. Alyssa Rosenberg has a good list of the political lessons found in the Harry Potter...


X-Men: First Class

I thought X-Men: First Class was loads of fun, largely because of Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy. Here’s Jonathan Last with a pretty interesting post on mutant assimilation. On a more serious note, I...


The Glorious Cause

Below, J. L. Wall suggests that Rooster Cogburn’s character arc in True Grit is basically redemptive. I’m interested in an alternative hypothesis: What if Cogburn’s heroism is entirely consistent with his history as a...


Science in Sci-Fi film

John Holbo has a veryy good post up trying to classify the various types of science-fiction films by their approach and attitudes toward science. He lists quite a few – 1) pro-science/pro-rationality 2) anti-science...


The Hunger Games (and other books and such)

I just finished the second book of Suzanne Collins’s Hunger Games trilogy – Catching Fire. Both books have been really great reads – fast paced, suspenseful, extremely and surprisingly violent given their intended audience....


The King of Cool

The Sand Pebbles and The Great Escape are two of my favorite movies , so I’m not sure how I missed this collection of essays from The Cooler on Steve McQueen’s career. But you...