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This is my favorite book in all the world, though I have never read it.

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Ordinary Sunday Brunch: Culture Quick Links

Ordinary Sunday Brunch is Ordinary Times cultural quick links for you enjoyment. This week; music, art, history, food, and sports with music to read, share, and discuss.


It’s Their Universe, Not Ours

Shared Universes are a recommendation algorithm and a sequel factory and our enjoyment or lack thereof doesn’t really factor in.


To Technicolor and Beyond

The completion of my copyright trilogy, on whether to and how to address piracy.


Films That Could Have Been

There are far too many science fiction films that left us asking: what happened? Thankfully, three recent documentaries get to the bottom of it.


5 Thinks I Hated About Gravity

Hate is a strong word–and there is plenty in Gravity to love, and that I did love–but a few things just left me frustrated and disappointed (spoilers).



What are movies for?


The Dark Knight Rises, Some Thoughts

Why do I like Nolan’s Batman movies? Why have I anticipated each one so much, taking part in their taxing spectacle with the unflinching glee of a 5 year old? Why do I lose...


Remembering Andrew Sarris

Sad news. One of my favorite professors from my undergraduate days, Andrew Sarris, has died. I think Pauline Kael has ended up much more widely known, but Sarris’s reviews from back in the day were...


How The Avengers Succeeds

“They’re a mash-up; they’re insane,” Whedon says. “But the beauty of that is as exciting as the problem of that is daunting.” Marvel’s The Avengers is an impressive monster. A juggernaut at the box...


2012 Oscar Nominations Have Been Announced

I’m sad to say that I haven’t had a chance to see a majority of the films listed here.  Especially over this past year, I’ve taken to spending my money on seeing movies that are...


Nostalgia and film

As a brief follow up to my post on upper-middle-class families in modern television and film, I’d like to respond to this comment by Sam MacDonald: Yes. If we could only go back to...