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A Safer Response to Garland-Gorsuch

A suggestion for a better way to handle the upcoming filibuster of Neil Gorsuch than discarding the consensus-building filibuster rule.


DADT fails in the Senate: Open Thread

So Reid brought DADT (as part of the Defense Authorization Bill) to a vote. It failed to 57-40 (or rather, it won 57-40 but the filibuster had its way in the end). Now Lieberman...


Separation of Powers and the Filibuster

I go back and forth on what I think about the propriety of the filibuster for legislative purposes, although I’m inclined towards the view that the filibuster is on the whole a good thing...


Eight Steps Towards A Less Dysfunctional Congress

by Kyle Mathews If there’s one thing that most political commentators and Americans can agree upon, it’s that Congress is bad at its job. Presidential approval ratings go up and down, Congressional approval ratings...


In which Jamelle complains about the Senate, again

In an otherwise decent piece about Harry Reid’s continuing attempt to corral support for the public option, this paragraph sticks out like a sore thumb: Just six weeks ago the public option appeared to...


The Perils of Reconciliation

On my twitter feed (which you should follow, by the way), a friend asks what I think about the potential use of reconciliation to pass health care reform.  For those of you unawares (or...