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Manhood Isn’t Toxic, but It Also Isn’t Static

Still, traditional masculinity, no matter how you define it, has been an undeniably productive force in the world. In tandem with femininity, it has carried humanity into a future that holds boundless potential for our intellectual, physical, psychological and spiritual development. We are the brightest, most advanced, and most durable creatures this planet has ever seen. Masculinity deserves its fair share of the credit for that.


Apolitical Myth-Making

To ignore the political nature of our lifestyles is to create apolitical myths that hide us in a faux-innocence, subverting necessary chance, and protecting destructive power structures.


Feminism, Lost in Space

Lost in Space is an enjoyable watch your whole family can enjoy and I felt represented by it in a way that I oftentimes don’t.


Wonder Women

There is no better violence.


My Feminism is Not a Novelty

Without my feminist foremothers, I could not vote, own property, practice law, effectively decide the size of my family, etc. American women owe a lot to feminism, whether they admit it or not. Nevertheless, I admit to finding myself bristling- and rolling my eyes- at much of what passes for feminism today.


My Mother and Ursula Le Guin

To my mother and many women like her, Ursela Le Guin was the feminist writer that inspired them.


It’s All Right To Cry

Just because things have always been this way, doesn’t mean they always need to be this way.


Open to the Conversation

With recent conversations about who is and who isn’t a feminist, and why, on my mind, this passage from an interview with Netta Elzie caught my eye.


The Wrong Friends and the Wrong Enemies

In true Canadian style, Jonathan McLeod goes from talking about hockey to talking about sexual assault to talking about feminism.

Because everything is about hockey and hockey is about everything, apparently.


Responding to Jimmy Carter’s Criticism of the All-Male Priesthood

If President Carter is correct that the institution of the all-male priesthood contributes to sexism and the abuse of women, then it behooves the church, if not to change its doctrine on the priesthood, at least to acknowledge this unintended effect and work diligently to counter it.


What’s in a Maiden Name?

A Facebook friend, and fellow female professor, recently made a status update that mentioned that her students call her “Mrs. X.” She is unmarried and has a doctorate. She signs her emails with “Dr....

Equality Can Be a Problem

Last week I wrote in the Daily Beast about the flack I catch when I take care of my kids. I’d been thinking about writing an article along those lines for years, but always...


The Myth of a Man

In Linky Friday #29, Will highlights a recent column in The Atlantic by Hugo Scwhyzer that asked, “What If Men Stopped Chasing Much-Younger Women?” His argument, that the Old Man/Young Woman relationship dynamic intrinsically harms...


Highlights from Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 2

Last night’s episode of Game of Thrones, “Dark Wings, Dark Words,” was the first one I watched all by my lonesome. Sipping some gin and finishing off the remnants of a week old chocolate...


A Modest Feminist Proposal

by James Vonder Haar In a recent comment thread, NewDealer had this to say, quoting Zerlina Maxwell: “Teach young men to believe women who come forward and not to blame the victim.” This is...


Cult of the CEO, Feminism Edition

One of my pet peeves, one I will just never be able to fix and should probably have dropped ages ago, is how bourgeois so much elite journalism is today. Yes, I know it’s...


Is It Okay to Ogle Hotties, Male and Female?

In the comments on my post on the hollowness of Seventeen magazine’s promise to avoid Photoshopping, beloved readers Tod and Will brought up some related points. Tod asks: How do we collectively, and also women specifically, square the...