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Fatherhood & Conservatism

Guest writer Roland Dobbs, a long-time liberal, notices his political views shifting rightward with recent the arrival of his baby daughter.


From Mad Rocket Scientist comes this brief but amazing reflection on fatherhood and the word “love.”

Recognizing and Redefining Manhood

These days, I probably write more posts about being a parent than anything else (aside from left-leaning wonks, of course). This is as it should be, since I spend a solid 30 hours/week caring...

To Fail as a Son

The last time I saw my father I was twelve years old. Before boarding the airplane that would return me to the home of my mother and step-father, I had sat on the edge...

Just in time for Father’s Day

Pamela Paul has a rather Slate-ish post up at The Atlantic, asking the controversial question: Are Fathers Necessary? Unsurprisingly, her conclusion is no. Not really. “The bad news for Dad is that despite common...