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Batman vs Superman, Seriously

So if “doing what works” is a working definition of fascism, and an affinity for “doing what works” makes Batman fascist, and Superman
fascist, what does that mean for us poor old everyday humans

Free Speech Is Dead, Donald Sterling Edition

First, it was Brendan Eich, a heroic American whose only alleged transgression was lending financial support to a political movement explicitly predicated on the idea that gays were a threat to the safety and...

Neo-Liberalism Again

Henry Farrell summarizes neoliberalism as defined by Colin Crouch in The Strange Non-death of Neo-liberalism: Crouch depicts classical liberalism and social democracy as mirror images of each other. Both are intensely suspicious of the...

Some Real “F”ers

Andrew Sullivan posts this video:  Violence Warning.   Sullivan is creating a series (more here, here, and here).  Second warning–the last link in that series is particularly horrific.  I’ll simply link to them but not...