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The Santa Barbara Shooting

A horrific event at Burt Likko’s alma mater leaves him meditating on whether the modern age has somehow magnified and distorted the difficult-enough trials of youthful sexual frustration.

Deactivated Friendships

Every day I’d scroll through my feed after making sure that the page showed all activity and not only the top stories, but as my eyes passed over each status update, I rarely read every word or paused to think about the people telling me something about their lives.

More Facebook

Tom wrote a post a while back about employers demanding that employees turn over their Facebook passwords.  My opinion was that this is a very bad idea, and Tod pointed out some salient reasons...


So now, if you’re applying for a job, or applying for an athletic scholarship—and Lord knows what else to come—they want to know what you’ve put up on your Facebook pages. Not just the...

Remember when Facebook wasn’t evil?

“My interpretation of Facebook: What if I told you that you could tell a private company all your interests and friends…. for free?!” –Adam Kotsko Well, I hope all of our readers who use...

Shrewd Sarah Palin/Gullible Media

I’ve argued before, and I will continue to argue, that there is nothing terribly unique about Sarah Palin as a politician other than the way in which her opponents and the media play right...

Let’s all go back to Geocities

Here’s an interesting Prospect article on Geocities and online memory that also discusses the Myspace-Facebook class divide: