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Approximating Evil

Describing “Empathy for the Devil,” Noah Millman writes: As for me, what I find most terrifying about stories like Adam Lanza’s is . . . that I can all too easily imagine what it...


Evil at Dawn

At the New Yorker, Rollo Roming argues that calling James Holmes and/or Jerry Sandusky “evil” raises more questions than it answers.  The concept of evil has been tossed into “confusion” and “tatters” by the...


Torture and the Rhetoric of Evil

Since it’s apparently “Torture Awareness Week” here at the League, yet another — I’m on the road, so forgive me if I continue to ignore the comments section until early next week.  (But that...


The Vector: A Post-Theist Moral Framework

“But, in a nutshell, the further one says the edge of one’s sphere is from one, translates, generally, into how moral one is perceived to be… so long, of course, as one doesn’t go on to screw the proverbial pooch (or the literal one, depending on one’s proclivities).”


Google’s Responsibility

Andrew Sullivan flags a noble-sounding quote from Google CEO Eric Schmidt: “The internet is the strongest force for individual self-expression ever invented. Governments around the world, even democratically elected, have difficulty with [the flow...