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“Picking the man and then searching the law books”

Two weeks ago, the Justice Department issued a public notice inviting applicants “‘to refer anyone who had any information’ that might build a case against [George] Zimmerman for either a civil rights violation or...


A Peculiar Kind of Reasoning

I’ve been MIA recently, most due to some other projects I’ve been working on.  But I’ll have some deeper thoughts on the following later on…right after I’ve succeeded in picking my jaw back up...


The Real Miscarriage of Justice

Below, Ned rightly derides Rep. Peter King for calling the verdict in the Ghailani trial a “total miscarriage of justice.”  Ned correctly notes that the miscarriage of justice here was not the verdict itself,...


Politics over Freedom, Ctd

Via Doug Mataconis, Andrew Coulson finds yet another one of those “little incidents” that add up to a pattern of choosing politics over respect for freedoms: