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Theresa May Resigns

UK PM Theresa May has announced she will be stepping down effective June 7th.

Ordinary World 20 Oct 2018

Your Ordinary World 20 Oct 2018 with links to stories from England, Australia, India, Mexico and the anniversary of Yorktown.

Symbol & Subtext

A building, a vehicle, and a flag cause a politician to resign… Wait, what?

The Costs of Empire

One interesting footnote from our recent debate over war and material self-interest is the question of the British Empire. Namely, did the Brits actually benefit from conquering all those foreign territories?

Awesome headlines from across the pond

From the putatively respectable Times: “The day I decided to stop being gay,” “What it feels like to be a pick-up artist,” and “Fat bloke at fit camp – read his daily reports.”

Journalism ain’t what it used to be

Foreign Policy collects a few hilariously anachronistic quotes from media coverage of England’s 60s-era counter-insurgency operations in Yemen:

“The Pity of War”

Whatever you think of Hitchens, this an excellent, understated article. Highly recommended for anyone who contributed to the thread on First World War histories.

Quote of the Day

Deadspin highlights one British viewer’s opinion of American Football: As far as I can see American football is a marathon of budweiser adverts occasionally interrupted by some “talented bloke” chucking a rugby-like ball to...