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It Really is All About the Money

Pretending to be bewildered at the failure of recruitment and retention efforts while denying that compensation plays a role is bad business, even for government.

First Monday 2014

Same cast, brand new season! Burt Likko offers a look at some of the high points of the Supreme Court’s docket for the 2014-2015 Term.

Let My People Go

One company begins an experiment in ways to take enlightened management techniques down a notch, conveniently in the middle of union negotiations. Burt Likko offers a few answers to the question, “What could possibly go wrong?”

Why You Should Stop Being a Loyal Employee

It’s Stupid Tuesday over at Blinded Trials, and this week Russell asks what eras have we passed in our lives, when we declared, “to [ourselves] and to others, ‘I once was this, but now...

Basketball Bet: Bad Bankruptcy Barrister

Randy Harris won our NCAA pool this year and has selected me to write an article in response to this hypothetical, which I present here with minor editorial changes from what Randy sent me:...

The destructiveness of “hard work”

Few things in American society are as universally revered as a good work ethic. It’s one of the core values we attempt to instill in our offspring. Commentators and politicians have been known to...