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2019 Time Capsule

Well, now that you’ve read our series on who you ought to be rooting for in the pre-season, it’s time for everybody to show how good they are at this prediction thing!

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Linky Friday: Midterms 2018

Linky Friday is Ordinary Times’ end of week tradition of bringing you links from across the web and around the world. This week, a special focus on Midterms 2018, musical interludes, and the greatest campaign speech of all time.


Hillary Clinton Settles Her Accounts

Parting thoughts on the former next Madame President. (Or: I listened to 16 hours of Hillary Clinton so you don’t have to.)


Not Close

Kevin Drum provides a wonderful opportunity for me to launch my first volley in the struggle to write the first draft of history for the 2012 election: Liberals, you should rein in the triumphalism....


Presidential Debates Should be Deemed Cruel and Unusual

In the comments here James Hanley called the debates “pure political theater.” To the degree that last night’s romp was light on substance and heavy on posturing it certainly was politically theatrical. And yet...


President Obama Reintroduces Himself

The night of October 16 was a good one for President Obama. After more than a month of sounding, looking, and acting like a tired man who resents being made to undergo the electioneering...


Politics and Empathy

Tom Bissell is one of my favorite writers. In his recent career he’s written a lot about video games, but for the election Yahoo! News has given him some space to pontificate about politics.


Was Jim Lehrer a Replacement Moderator?

As televised Presidential debates go, it’s pretty clear that Romney trounced Obama. If you disagree, listen to Chris Mathews and the rest of the liberal MSNBC fan club. He and the rest of the...