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Teacher Hatred and Class Warfare

(There’s a fairly lengthy thought-piece introduction here. If you’re simply trawling for education policy arguments, make like a choose-your-own-adventure reader and turn directly to Section II.) I. One of the best parts about being...


The use of knowledge in our educational system

Hayek wrote, of the economy, Fundamentally, in a system in which the knowledge of the relevant facts is dispersed among many people, prices can act to coordinate the separate actions of different people in...


Defending teachers from the noise machine

So I’ve been blogging at Forbes and spending a lot of my time talking about teachers and how teachers are under a sustained ideological assault. However, one thing I will never blog about is...


My new education-policy blog

Shameless self-promotion alert: I have a new blog at Forbes on education policy and education reform. My long introduction post is up this morning. In it, I offer a critique of the top-down reforms...


The War on the Poor

I had trouble reading Radley Balko’s article on the saga of Cory Maye. I picture this young man in his quiet home with his 18-month-old daughter asleep in the other room and I immediately...


Education and the architecture of choice

I want to talk about school choice again, because it’s one of those topics that I have a really hard time coming to terms with, and it struck me over the weekend that this...


The Washington Examiner

I have three posts up already at the Washington Examiner’s Opinion Zone Blog. First, I tackle the New Jersey teachers’ unions and their resistance to any and all reforms in public education in that...


Against education subsidies

Kyle writes: [F]or decades, we’ve allowed students in need to get federally subsidized loans to attend both public and private colleges and universities. Some states, even provide scholarships and grants that can be used...


School choice is local, too

Rick Hess makes a great deal of sense in his critique of Diane Ravitch (and this bit echoes what Mark Thompson has pushed in the comments, arguments I also find compelling): A lack of...


Schools and accountability

[updated] Here’s the part that gets me – if, as is assumed in this critique (an assumption I largely agree with by the way) that it is not possible to adequately measure performance via...


Diane Ravitch on the Diane Rehm Show

By chance, I happened to be driving and listening to NPR today when Diane Ravitch had a guest slot on the Diane Rehm show.  I only caught parts of the program, but what I...


Further thoughts on school choice and community

Lots of interesting feedback on my last post.  Kevin Drum and Ryan Avent  both focus on the notion that the sort of choice Bramwell describes is only available to higher-income families, leaving poor Americans...


Investment advice: put your money into prisons

Arizona is considering selling off its prisons as part of a larger process of balancing the budget.  Even death row would be privately run.  The state government predicts the move could save them $100...


Education is local

I ramble on for far too long about education reform over at New Majority….


pet projects

So Dan Miller critiqued me and conservatives in general for not talking about health policy enough, and he’s right.  We haven’t.  Part of this is because when it comes to government planning there is...


Teaching Moments

This depressing Los Angeles Times story inspired a pretty interesting debate on teacher unions over at the American Scene. In comments, Freddie mounts a persuasive defense of union-backed tenure for professional educators, arguing that...

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