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Things With Acronyms

I don’t drink. I don’t drink coffee. The only drugs I’ve ever taken are… powerful stimulants. Funny how that happened.

An Historic Parallel For the Wall and Opioids

Seen in that light, the President’s comments become much more sinister. He’s trying to leverage the ongoing opioid epidemic into support for his his wall. It almost certainly won’t help. But once the problem gets better he’ll claim credit for it.

How Drug Court is Helping to Save a Generation

Drug court cannot solve the epidemic we face. No one thing can. But as we continue to lose an entire generation to the scourge of opiates and meth, something is better than nothing

2013-2014 Term Recap (Save Two)

It’s the close of the term, and here’s a recap of the major cases from SCOTUS this year. Some surprising results. Some, not so much. Alsotoo: we’re waiting until Monday for the Hobby Lobby and Harris decisions.

Decriminalization in Portugal

Here’s a good article from The Boston Globe on the drug trade and Portugal’s experiment in drug decriminalization. This nugget about Nixon’s drug policy commission is pretty funny:

Immigration & the War on Drugs

Several commenters thought I was displaying too much certainty in my immigration post yesterday. Let me first say, I think this is a reasonable reaction to that post, which didn’t go into much detail...

The Height of Disingenuity

As some of you know, Sen. Grassley has put forth an amendment to prevent a proposed panel on criminal justice reform from engaging in any discussion regarding the propriety of decriminalization or legalization of...

Momentum for marijuana legalization builds

Speaking of drugs, the current level of support (or at least openness) to marijuana legalization among mainstream pundits is pretty unprecedented.

“The Fall of Mexico”

After reading this article, it seems as if legalization is the only solution to Mexico’s drug problem. Countries without strong independent judiciaries and relatively non-corrupt public institutions don’t have the luxury of outlawing drugs.