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Blogging the Abbey, Episode 7

“The Teapot Dome scandal is the same as all the rest,” mused the Dowager Countess. “Doubtless spoilers are involved.”

Blogging the Abbey, Episode 6

“Oh, darling, there are spoilers here! Do let’s read on; it will be such a laugh!” said the Vacuous Dancing Cousin.

Blogging the Abbey: Episode Four

“Spoilers? What spoilers? There are no spoilers in this post,” said the lady’s maid, tenting her fingers and stifling cackles of glee.

Sully’s Rosetinted View of Traditional Familial Norms

I am not anti-family values. I do not think that “what a family consists of” can be endlessly reconfigured without consequence. There are causes and effects, particular familial institutions and outcomes associated with them. But I...