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23andMe Cashes In on Customer’s Data

Those Terms of Service agreements are not there for the fun of it, folks. Read them. Otherwise folks not names you will make lots of profit off of you, or things about you, without including you.


23andMe to Share DNA data with GlaxoSmithKline

23andMe is sharing customer data with drug makers. They are allowed to do so under their user agreement. But like the Facebook outrage over personal data, how many didnt read the fine print and now will regret their decision?

Fourteen Percent

Like the ten thousand spoons and all that.

For The Cold Case Files

Does the Fourth Amendment allow law enforcement to gather an arrestee’s genetic sequence and compare it with a large FBI database of genetic material gathered from old, unsolved crimes? [Continued at NaPP]

At My Real Job: DNA and the Death Penalty

This month’s Cato Unbound is especially interesting to me because it discusses how to integrate new facts into an old public policy debate: Now that we (sometimes) have DNA evidence, what does it tell...

Pop Quiz

From Foreign Policy: Which country has the highest percentage of its population in a DNA database? The answer, which may surprise you, is below the fold: