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Tucker Carlson 50

Briefly, On Diversity and Tucker Carlson’s Bastardizing of the Term

I have no way of knowing where the overlap of Tucker Carlson the man and Tucker Carlson the brand occurs. But we have enough body of work on the latter to know what he is implying and to what audience it is aimed, and it is not to be a positive towards people of differences.


Small Ironies

The British National Party gets a lesson in diversity:


Libertarians and Diversity (or lack thereof)

The forthcoming issue* of Reason features an exceedingly thoughtful essay by Kerry Howley, in which she argues that libertarianism would be well-served by widening its scope and paying far more attention to infringements on...


In Defense of Figureheads

Using Geraldo Rivera as a barometer of Latino opinion is probably a bad idea, but there was something oddly touching about this (via): I have goosebumps,” says Rivera, 65, born to a Catholic, Puerto...


The Diversity Racket

There are more than a few compelling reasons to avoid a completely homogeneous workforce, but Matt Labash’s look at sclerotic diversity industry is still pretty damning (and hilarious): Indeed, Peggy Norris, a private-sector contract...