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Ronald Reagan’s Missing Overcoat

How Reagan’s missing overcoat helped end the Cold War. When Donald Trump met Kim Jong Un at the DMZ, he failed to put something on him as well.

Cooler Than Lukewarm

Looking for suggestions in the decidedly unlikely event of lunch with a member of Congress.

The Presidential Power of Printing Passports

When a Supreme Court Justice calls an entire city a “delicate subject,” there’s pretty much only one city he could be talking about. Burt Likko breaks down today’s division-of-powers decision.

Driving Blind: The Road to “Intervention”

While the President and his administration prime the American public for war with Syria, a look at some of the day’s most prevalent writing on the topic demonstrates just how little anyone knows about what might happen after the country does so.

Some Home Truths About the Latest Iranian Revolution

I applaud Obama’s measured tone on Iran, but the public justification for this approach seems a bit thin. The most common explanation – he doesn’t want to inflame anti-American sentiment – is certainly plausible,...

yes but why so blatantly?

There’s a fairly wide consensus building that the Iranian election results were fraudulent.  Much speculation exists regarding the who, why, etc.  John Holbo wonders why the apparent fraud was so crudely done.  It’s a...


I have my own issues with Obama’s recent appearance in Cairo, but one criticism I find rather baffling is that his speech implied moral equivalence between the United States’ actions and the policies of...

adventures in invective

“What leaves me with a queasy feeling, though, is the growing sense that Obama is willing to denigrate America in order to boost his own personal popularity in other countries. As President, Obama has...

The Japan Option

During his campaign, Barack Obama promised to talk with Iran – to open dialog with Tehran without preconditions, whether or not it’s met with bluster or deceipt on the part of the Mullahs.  His...


“The United States should follow the British example. It should initiate diplomatic contacts with the political wing of Hezbollah. The Obama administration should also look carefully at how to reach moderate Hamas elements and...