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Linky Friday: Mental Health

Linky Friday, Ordinary Times’ weekly tradition of links to stories from around the world and across the web. This week, a focus on mental health to read, share, and discuss.


To Make Them More Lost

With so much stacked against them, this is not what people with depression needed.



Ken White, discussing Aaron Swartz, writes the following.
“Aaron Swartz suffered.”


The Kids Aren’t Alright

By James Vonder Haar When I took my first practice LSAT, the day after my father’s funeral, I scored in the 45th percentile. Six months of night classes, daily practice sections, and weekly practice...


Capra-corn and the life of our time

There’s a quote about Carl Jung that I’ve come across a couple of times and shamelessly stolen every chance I’ve had: “We live a double life whether we know it or not. We live...


Auserity Measures

Via National Review, here’s an interesting article on Lithuania’s belt-tightening response to the financial crisis: Faced with rising deficits that threatened to bankrupt the country, Lithuania cut public spending by 30 percent — including slashing...