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Stop Mocking Millennials – Their Day is (Almost) Here

Putting questionable examples of Millennials in front of a camera over X issue to get Y reaction is it’s own industry in media right now. Easy-to-do content that gets strong reaction is good marketing strategy, but is also a play to stereotype and perception of Millennials as young and dumb, and is just not reality.

Everybody loves Cheerios

I’m always drawn to these kinds of studies, even though they’re never really insightful. This one mainly backs up what everyone already knows about geography and age demographics among partisans (is it really any...

The Outsider Elite

Interesting article about the “grassroots” nature of Obama’s Organizing for America: [Organizing for America] also holds online strategy sessions, offering supporters the chance to “join the discussion,” “interact,” and “ask questions.” But amid the...