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Ordinary World: To Hell in a Handbasket Edition

Your Ordinary World with links to stories on the deficit, impeachment, CNN, The Washington Post, Coronavirus, what you might have missed in Ordinary Times, and more.

RetConning the Tea Party

Whatever its genesis, a populist movement is always a populist movement, and they always end the same way.

Cutting Jobs Instead of Bombs

I don’t understand our political leaders. They’re so interested in cutting spending on healthcare and retirement – even the Democratic president is eager to start hacking away at entitlements – yet almost none of...

Malkin Award Nominee: Andrew Sullivan

[updated – I, II] Andrew Sullivan has an odd post up about the debt and Obama. First, he confuses the proposed federal wage freeze with some other program that will actually help combat the...

Playing games with the deficit

“To the extent that Washington is "broken" (and I’d argue it’s less broken than some suggest) it’s because it suffers from being, unusually, both fat and musclebound. No wonder it finds it difficult to...