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Maybe Forgiveness After All

How much debt should you legally be able to take on before you can legally drink alcohol?


The Unforgivable Sin of Student Loans

Student loan debt has surpassed auto loans and credit cards to become the second largest type of consumer debt in the country, behind home mortgages. Some predict that the effects of the student loan bubble popping will have similar effects as the housing market collapse of 2008.


A Capitalist’s Love Ballad to Bankruptcy

In Burt’s recent FP post, he takes a hypothetical bankruptcy scenario posed by Randy Harris and teases out the personal and professional ethics of the fictional players. If you haven’t read it yet, you...


Basketball Bet: Bad Bankruptcy Barrister

Randy Harris won our NCAA pool this year and has selected me to write an article in response to this hypothetical, which I present here with minor editorial changes from what Randy sent me:...


Austerity On The Run

I wanted to flag this before it became too much Old News. Andrew Sullivan, still a self-described conservative and a tireless deficit hawk, has looked to the events in Europe and concluded that austerity —...


The Future Is Now: The Birth Of The American Wasteland

A really interesting piece from the Times‘ Binyamin Appelbaum focuses on how parts of the country where the housing bubble was the most pronounced — and where there was historically nowhere near the same...


Odium Surplus/Odium Deficit

A common way to talk about crime and punishment is to liken them to debt and repayment: A crime creates a debt to society; if the criminal is caught and convicted, a just sentence...


Deal with the devil

Here’s Kevin Drum: There are a few liberal pundits out there who believe that a cuts-only deal like this one isn’t all that bad. Jon Chait is one of the leading proponents of this...


Paul Ryan’s Budget

“If Obama’s efforts to create a viable regulatory framework in which individuals can buy private health insurance (a) pass congress, and (b) turn out to work well and be popular, then you can imagine...


Jindal: debt is bad when we say it is

I’m open to hearing a defense of Bobby Jindal from Matt Yglesias’s allegations. But I am having a hard time imagining what such a defense could mean. Bobby Jindal was not out there beating...