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But Now Sit in Silence

While the country appears more divided than ever, I wonder if there are families like ours-those who felt that divide at one point. But now sit in silence.


Briefly, on the STEM vs Humanities debate

It’s one thing to be critical of some of the excesses. It’s quite another to suggest that there’s something inherently wrong with people who work within STEM disciplines.

Democratic Debates: Biden in the Middle

Night two of the second Democratic Debate has come and gone with a very simple dynamic: Joe Biden was center stage both in where he was standing and in being the focus of incoming fire.

Debatable: The Slog in South Beach Part 1

10 candidates, almost as many moderators, 2 languages, 1 glaring technical glitch, and a whole lot of crosstalk: Night one of the Democratic debates is in the books.

2016 Presidential Debate No. 1

We knew it would eventually come to this. It had to. And now, here it is. Also, what Burt Likko plans do be doing during the debate, and chances are, you’re going to be jealous of him when you learn it.

President Obama Reintroduces Himself

The night of October 16 was a good one for President Obama. After more than a month of sounding, looking, and acting like a tired man who resents being made to undergo the electioneering...

Paul Ryan Was Right (I’m Serious)

As much as I’d love to revel in Ryan’s tax-evasion during last night’s Vice Presidential Debate, I have to—oh it hurts!—agree with him. I’ve written in the past about why exactly I loathe Paul...

The Campaign Is a Performance

I maintain that Barack Obama was terrible during last week’s debate and that many liberals — goaded on by a political media desperate for a new storyline and thrilled with the prospect that November’s election...

What Happened to Barack Obama?

Perhaps the most commonly asked question in the wake of last night’s debate is, What the hell was wrong with Barack Obama? Some ideas are more plausible than others. My sense is that, to...

The Romney Rebound

The first thing that should be said before any estimation of tonight’s debate is that, historically, presidential debates are not the “game-changers” all of the hype would lead one to believe. That doesn’t mean...

“An Incompatible Combination”

I’ve watched every presidential debate thus far in the Republican primary.  And I’ve done more than my fair share of laughing, weeping, and sometimes just staring blankly at the television screen.  In a way,...

Political Trolls: What the GOP Hath Sowed

Scott’s post last week attacking the Republican behavior before, during and after the health care debate generated quite the lively discussion in the comments thread.  Scott and many primarily left-of-center commenters argued that the...

Rights and Responsibilities

Our pal Ken at Popehat (see also Dave Schuler) asks whether there can be an affirmative constitutional right to health care and whether there already exists an affirmative constitutional right that could be compared...

sage advice

John Whittet offers up some good advice for debating online.  The post is specific to Newsvine, but has universal appeal….