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Linky Friday: All in Due Time

Linky Friday is Ordinary Times’ Friday tradition of bringing you various links from across the web and around the world. This week, “All in Due Time” is the theme, with music interludes and plenty to read, share, and discuss.

Big Monday, 2015

The Supreme Court adjourns for the Term with decisions about redistricting, air pollution, and executions. Burt Likko summarizes each of them, and offers a sad observation about judicial comity losing one of its most prominent sentinels,

On Death And Execution

If the three-drug cocktail used for capital punishment is found cruel and unusual, how ever shall we kill our prisoners?

No Way To Die In California

A judge recently found that California’s death penalty, as it is administered, is cruel and unusual punishment, serving no identifiable purpose. Digging in to the opinion, Burt Likko finds a perverse conflict: an effort to comply with one part of the Constitution leads to a violation of another.

Bucking Trends

Young people aren’t liberal on all issues, namely the death penalty. Why?

Punishment Capital

  Jeffrey Toobin writes of the death penalty: “The oxymoronic quest for humane executions only accentuates the absurdity of allowing the death penalty in a civilized society. It’s understandable that Supreme Court Justices have...

At My Real Job: DNA and the Death Penalty

This month’s Cato Unbound is especially interesting to me because it discusses how to integrate new facts into an old public policy debate: Now that we (sometimes) have DNA evidence, what does it tell...

There Will Be Blood

Ladies and gentlemen, the next Republican nominee for President of the United States of America! I can’t help but think we get the leaders we deserve. Oh hey look, ma, I’m quoted in the...

The Republican Debate

I only caught the end of the debate, but that was enough. It was enough to remind me that the Republican Party boils down to three things: tax cuts, “What Would Reagan Do?” and...

A few more thoughts on the death penalty

I wanted to briefly respond to a few points inspired by Sonny Bunch’s defense of the death penalty from last week. First, Andrew Sullivan suggests I have “mixed feelings” about executing prisoners. Well, not...

A Time to Kill

Sonny Bunch has written a long, impassioned defense of the death penalty. Here’s the crux of his argument: Every time I start to waver on my support for the death penalty — as I...

The Case Against the Death Penalty

Spurred by a harrowing investigative piece from The New Yorker on the execution of Cameron Todd Willingham, Rod Dreher has written a powerful op-ed opposing the death penalty: First things first: If Willingham really...

continuity and the culture of death

1 a: the quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body b: a principle or force that is considered to underlie the distinctive quality of animate beings c: an organismic...