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Frum Many, One

In a piece called “Robots Undercut the Case for More Immigrants” (seriously), David Frum argues that we shouldn’t let too many immigrants into the country because they will just be replaced by robots and therefore languish in intractable poverty.

This is wrong.


American Exceptionalism and anti-historicism on the right

J.L.’s discussion of American exceptionalism last week was really spot-on. Placing American greatness within its proper historical context is necessary both in order to understand what makes America truly great, but also to understand...


Childhood poverty in America

David Frum examines child poverty in America and also notes that economic mobility is not quite what it is sometimes made out to be compared to other developed nations. The below graph illustrates this...


The Boss Tweed-ization of national politics

“Reformers should be focusing on lifting limits on the flow of money from parties to candidates and restoring the role of the parties as the funders of campaigns. Instead of Candidate Smith asking Donor...



A lot of the reaction to my conservapedia piece falls along the lines that you would expect – essentially that I’m painting with too broad a brush.  I probably was in that post.  Obviously...


Frum Forum?

I hate to say it, but I really don’t like the new name.  Frum Forum?  New Majority may not have been perfect, but I just don’t think Frum Forum really….works.  I would have just...


But What Are You For? The Death of Modern Movement Conservatism

I had the good fortune yesterday afternoon to attend a panel discussion on the future of conservatism featuring Ross Douthat, David Frum, Daniel Larison, and Virginia Postrel.  It was a rather enlightening discussion, but...

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