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Why Do You Care About Free Speech?

It’s suddenly very fashionable to be a strident advocate of free speech, without giving a lot of thought into why free speech is worthy of advocacy. Burt Likko dares to offer five reasons, which surely won’t be controversial at all.


According to David Brooks, All Morality is Local

I normally try to stay away from taking pot shots at David Brooks columns, but today’s raises a question that informs a lot of my political critique and which I reflect on a lot personally....


The Real Generation War

…Is the one proposed by Ryan and Romney. Not, as David Brooks’ pop psychology analysis would have us believe, one between folksy emotionalism and new wave wonks. I would normally try not to waste...


David Brooks, Expertise, and the Fetishization of Happiness

People have been giving attention to David Brooks’ latest column.  This is good, because I have a soft spot for the incorporation of Yiddish into daily life, particularly the word “bagel,” and especially on...


David Brooks and the Demand Siders

David Brooks is mostly making sense in his latest column. He’s absolutely correct that more and more indiscriminate stimulus spending is a dubious economic fix at best, and has long-term implications including new unfunded...


Brooks on Blond

If you’re looking for a good introduction to the Red Tories, David Brooks’ column does a much better job of explaining Philip Blond’s philosophy than my muddled post. Blond is also is speaking at...


Things you can do/Some can’t be done

In his column today, David Brooks makes an error which I think is pretty common of conservative commentators who look to Great Britain for political inspiration.  But first, Brooks: The Conservatives have treated British...


I liked

David Brooks’ latest column better as a book.


Brooks on Jindal

D. Brooks for me is hot/cold–when he’s on he’s on, when he’s off he’s off.  Here he is dead-on.  I’m sure the Limbaugh/Happy Meal Cons won’t love this, but they need to move from...