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Linky Friday: Summertime

Linky Friday: Summertime

Linky Friday is Ordinary Time’s Friday tradition of compiling stories from around the world and across the web straight to you. This week, Summertime is the theme, and clicks are easy, the stories are jumping, and the world is yours to read, share, and discuss. From Gershwin to Manafort, plenty to occupy your dog days of summertime.

AI is Coming, But What Culture Will Influence It?

AI is Coming, But What Culture Will Influence It?

The questions surrounding AI development are heavy on the why, the how, the should, and other things; but what culture would that AI would be operating from? Naturally the designer will be reflected, but something as complex as culture meeting the complex world of AI, there are new questions to answer for both fields.

Skipping The Summer Reading

Skipping The Summer Reading

This essay is about reading gay porn before class. And it resurrects an Ideological Outrage Of The Day from 2012. And a graphic novel. And striking out romantically. And Richard Dawkins.


America’s Tiger Mom and the Totally Valid, Not At All Biased, Really Scientific Practice of Ranking America’s Cultures and Races

Famed Tiger-Mom Amy Chua’s new book helpfully lets its readers know which cultures and races in America are superior, and which are inferior.

A leisurely Sunday afternoon riot

After we returned from an early dinner with friends late Sunday afternoon, we began to hear the reports of disturbances a few blocks away from where we live in downtown Huntington Beach.  The annual eight-day-long and well-attended US Open competition had just concluded around 5:00.  The neighborhood had been packed with attendees all weekend, and…

What (New) Documentaries Should People Watch?

I haven’t watched one in a while, and though I lean towards the political type, or those documentaries which depict the worst kinds of social injustice, I’m willing to take a spin outside my wheel house this time. So I thought I’d put a call out for great documentaries I and everyone else around these parts…

Culture is the villain

I’ve had this sort of nebulous notion that culture itself is a problem. Not any particular culture, mind you, but rather the entire concept of culture.  The exclusivity of the group over the individual. A lot of people will hold up individualism against collectivism, but what if that’s just scratching the surface? Culture is the…

Against Traditional Morality

by James Hanley Guest author: James Hanley. Tom Van Dyke has written a very thoughtful post about the role of traditional morality in law. There are various points at which we could quibble with his argument, but here I offer a direct rebuttal of his support for traditional morality as a basis of law, arguing…

What are women for?

I keep trying to better understand James Poulos. I like James a great deal, though we disagree pretty fundamentally on many things. I’ve been fascinated by his discussions of the Pink Police State (a conservative argument against panem et circenses.) And yet postmodern conservatism has always been somewhat vague. It’s unorthodox in terms of American debate –…

How Finding a Job is Like Losing Your Keys

“Who do you think made the first stone spear? That wasn’t the yakkity yaks sitting around the campfire. It was some Asperger sitting in the back of a cave figuring out how to chip rocks into spearheads. Without some autistic traits you wouldn’t even have a recording device to record this conversation on.” – Temple…

Fantasy and the Anglosphere

When I published my fantasy piece in the Atlantic it was linked (reproduced?) by Richard Dawkins’ site and a number of the atheists in the commentariat had scathing things to say about fantasy literature. Apparently it is not enough that readers of fantasy do not, in fact, believe in their make-believe. Apparently the fact that dragons…