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On the subtle distinctions between cash grabs and finding a richness and depth in a story that allows for another chapter to be written.

(It’s about the upcoming Rocky spin-off called “Creed”. Well, mostly about the movies that spun the upcoming movie off.)

Words Fail

Noted Creed apologist Joe Carter sends this story along with the following note:

And Francis Scott Key Wept

This one goes out to noted Creed apologist Joe Carter: Scott Stapp brings his inimitable musical stylings to our national anthem.

Dylan Revisionism

Noted Creed apologist Joe Carter points us to this sure-to-be contentious Bob Dylan takedown. Let the arguments begin!

This is all an elaborate joke, right?

Freddie must have infiltrated Slate’s editorial staff to write this gem, which masquerades as a serious defense of Creed’s musical stylings. Wait, what’s that you say? It’s not a parody? Oh dear . ....