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Ordinary World: Holiday Hangover Edition

Your Ordinary World with news, notes, and notions from across the interwebs and around the world as you nurse your holiday hangover.

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President Trump Demands More Cowbell

Now, you didn’t think President Trump was just going to get all normal and sign the covid relief/omnibus spending package, did you?

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How Do You Know Where to Go?

It doesn’t have to be perfect or tour-quality. You like beaches? Castles? Mountains? Just pick a place and go.


Requiem For a Heavy Meal

I went to plan the family get-together, and I found much to my chagrin that the Klinkes were out of business. Like, out of business entirely.

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The Student, The Teacher, and Zoom

We now have a chance to evaluate all the extraneous investments to design a much more effective and efficient educational institutions

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How Colleges Can Actually Stay Open

This “abstinence only” model for college socialization is not only destined to fail, but also it ignores the mental and psychological strains


Everybody Gets an F

The national failure of putting kids in classrooms (and keeping them there).