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Can you hear them?


The Top Ten Covers of All Time

A  blizzard-induced Internet outage and various snow-related activities forced the cover selection committee (read: me) to delay its final decision over the weekend. Now, however, we’re back on track. Thanks to everyone for their...


The Best Cover of All Time – The Final Countdown

Well folks, it’s been a long and arduous journey, but I think we’ve done a half-decent job of rounding up some pretty good covers. The final list (complete with my top 10) will go...


The Best Cover of All Time, Volume XVI

At the risk of “los[ing] serious street cred with [his] friends,” Mike D. nominates Glee’s (admittedly catchy) cover of “Don’t Stop Believing” and Damien Rice and Ray LaMontagne covering the Bee Gees’ “To Love...


The Best Cover of All Time, Volume XV

Here’s an eclectic bunch: Via email, Schuyler nominates Mike Posner covering Beyonce’s “Halo”; Mike nominates Dennis Brown’s reggae version of “Little Green Apples”; Scott O submits Tricky’s trippy cover of Public Enemy’s “Black Steel...


The Best Cover of All Time, Volume XIV

Ian M. also submitted Built to Spill’s epic cover of “Freebird”; I’m nominating Beirut’s cover of Ary Barroso’s “Brazil” (Sinatra’s version also makes the cut). Again, my musical biases are pretty obvious, so if...


The Best Cover of All Time, Volume XIII

Klein nominates Donny Hathaway’s soulful take on Lennon’s “Jealous Guy’; Todd submits Phish’s version of the Stones’ “Loving Cup” for the jam band circuit. I’m not sure if this qualifies as a cover, but...


The Best Cover of All Time, Volume XI

After reviewing the list of nominees, it’s pretty apparent that our  submissions skew heavily towards quasi-ironic indie rock. In the interests of greater inclusion, I encourage all readers with a passion for folk, country,...


The Best Cover of All Time, Volume X

JosephFM nominates The Yeah Yeah Yeahs covering Sonic Youth; Sidereal recommends José González singing Massive Attack’s “Teardrop.” Both songs are below the fold:


The Best Cover of All Time, Volume VIII

Aguirre nominates The Scissor Sisters’ disco-infused version of “Comfortably Numb”; via email, Barry passes along Radiohead’s cover of The Smiths’ “The Headmaster Ritual.” Radiohead is below the fold – keep those nominations coming!


The Best Cover of All Time, Volume VI

Commenter db links to Nouvelle Vague’s great Bossa Nova version of “The Guns of Brixton.” I’ll be posting cover songs all week and then arbitrarily ranking the finalists on Friday/this upcoming weekend (we may...


And we have a winner

An epic (and topical) cover of Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA”: More cheesy pop songs should raise privacy-related concerns!