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Sturgill Simpson 0

Saturday Spins: Sturgill Simpson

Sound & Fury is decidedly not a country album in any way. That is what makes it and Sturgill so great.This is also where the divisiveness sets in…


Timothy Sandefur at PLF

My friend Timothy Sandefur just happens to be one of the country’s leading libertarian public-interest attorneys. He’s doing some great work explaining and commenting on the Obamacare case at the Pacific Legal Foundation’s blog....


We also lay on guard for thee

Don’t look now, but Ontario just legalized prostitution, sweeping aside the country’s anti-prostitution laws. No word yet about whether Canadian prostitutes take Canadian Tire money.


“What’chu talking ’bout, Willis?”

When I was growing up there was a period when the above phrase was uttered by everyone, all the time.  I’ve seen similar things happen to, among others, “Show me the money!,” “Time to...


The Importance of Farm Subsidies

It’s almost that time of year. Farmers around the country are buying seed and other supplies, getting their equipment in working order. Last year was a boom year for agriculture and this year is...


Retroactive Table of Contents: March 2 to March 9

It was a somewhat tumultuous week here at the League of Ordinary Nerds. After this, let us never speak of it again. Story of the Week: Limbaughpalooza 2012 Tod was shocked by Limbaugh’s apology...


Helping Our Neighbors

I was going to work on post about hunting dogs tonight but I keep thinking about something I saw at church this morning. There is an image that I can’t get out of my...


Thursday Morning Jukebox

I know, it breaks from the Friday Night mold a bit, but I am feeling particularly musical this morning, and not terribly political, and beyond that this leaves room for someone else to post...