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Duncan Hunter

Rep. Duncan Hunter and Wife Indicted

There was another indictment of note in the deluge of legal news yesterday, this time in California. Rep. Duncan Hunter and his wife are subject to a 60-count indictment including wire fraud and campaign finance violations.

Writing the Book on Corruption in West Virginia

A West Virginia Supreme Court Justice is federally indicted on 22 counts, including various fraud counts, false statements, and witness tampering. The man who wrote the book on corruption now stands accused of bilking the taxpayers who put him in office.

Linky Friday #57

Burt Likko fills in for Will Truman for this week’s aggregation of dozens of links to themed web randomness!

I sincerely hope

that after this incident, no one gives any more money to the American Conservative Union.

In Defense of Corruption*

One has to admire Murtha’s honesty. “If I’m corrupt, it’s because I take care of my district” might not represent the best of disinterested liberal governance, but it’s a refreshingly frank admission of his...