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The Miracle Pot Pulled Pork Project

Believe it or not, you can make some amazing pulled pork in this thing. It’s not the same as bbq cooked for hours in a smoker, but it’s still pretty fantastic.


That’s The Rub

Is there a better summertime barbeque than pork back ribs? Learn how to make pork back ribs the Burt Likko way. Or use the comments to explain why your ribs are superior.


Linky Friday No. 61

It’s Linky Friday and now you have a way to malinger productivity while reading random links embedded in wry comments that are only funny after you read the articles!


Ingredients Triumph

A lean, inexpensive cut of beef: a London broil. A simple rub: truffled salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, ground savory, and garlic. Sous vide at 124 F for ten hours. Char with torch or...


How To: Make Meatballs

(Please note: if photos of raw meat turn your stomach, this isn’t going to go well for you.) No food makes me happier than spaghetti with red sauce. I recognize in a modern world...


Enchiladas, Blow by Blow

Follow along as Burt Likko teaches himself how to make enchiladas from scratch.


How To Make a Sandwich

Now, it’d be foolish of me to declare that there is a right way to make a sandwich, that I have discovered it, and that you all ought to accept my word as gospel....


The Cheap-Ass Gourmet – Puttanesca

Note: The Cheap-Ass Gourmet is a cooking series we recently started doing here at the League.  Each recipe in the series has three things in common: each is perfect for a person on a budget,...