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COVID Deaths 6

Cause of Death

We have a tendency to turn a blind eye to the suffering of our fellow human if we think they did something to deserve it

Dresden 15

The Truth Behind Dresden

Bad faith arguers/actors on the world stage unite each year in using the Dresden narrative as a bloody shirt to wave away any criticism of authoritarian regimes.

Managed Ignorance Watch, Continued

The Washington Post this morning notes that increasing numbers of Americans incorrectly believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim: The number of Americans who believe – wrongly – that President Obama is a Muslim...

Van Jones gets a new job

I’m not interested in rehashing fringe conspiracy theories, but the folks at the Center for American Progress seem remarkably unconcerned about their new colleague ‘s connection to the 9/11 “truthers.”

Obama’s secret vault

Chuck Norris is much more entertaining as a conspiracy theorist than he was as an actor.  He takes teh crazy to whole new levels.

Andy McCarthy, just askin’ questions

Seriously, National Review. This is getting embarrassing: I didn’t suggest that Bill Ayers is the author of one of Barack Obama’s biographies — I reported that someone else had made the suggestion and had...

Another Conspiracy Theory Debunked

One odd off-shoot of the Obama conspiracy theory genre is the idea that former terrorist and academic celebrity William Ayers secretly wrote Dreams From My Father. I won’t blame you if you have no...

Podcast: Conspiracy Nation

I was able to persuade Steven Harris of Mary Washington College – one of my favorite undergraduate professors – to record a podcast on the Obama “Birther” movement. We also covered media fragmentation, the...