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UK Elections 126

UK Elections: The Limits of Comparisons

Slow your roll on drawing sweeping parallels between UK elections and in-progress 2020 elections in America. Things that are different are not the same.

Drag Queen 289

The Gig Is Up

Sohrab Ahmari is mad as hell and he is not going to take it anymore. He is shocked, shocked that drag queens read stories to children at public libraries.


A Polish Joke

The whole point was to see myself through other eyes, note the differences in perception, and try to understand where they come from.

Brexit 9

Brexit Most Messy

UK PM Theresa May released a video this morning from 10 Downing Street, as her situation becomes as shaky as the camera work in her impromptu message.

parliament 12

Linky Friday: Parliamentary Procedures

Linky Friday: Parliamentary Procedures ft latest from our UK friends including Brexit, Labour defections, Troy rebellions, Jeremy Corbyn, Theresa May & more


Tactics Triumphant

Aha! So this is what happened to the Heritage Foundation.


Unassailability: Meta Analysis

Did Rush Limbaugh really tell his caller, “Tony from Tampa,” to not watch FOX? No, he told his caller not to watch a particular panel of “liberals” on FOX Business Channel. As Mr. Limbaugh...


Let’s Not Demand an Apology from Ann Coulter

Although I like my “job” (grad student and lecturer in philosophy) enormously, it has its downsides. Ann Coulter’s “job” has many advantages over mine: she makes a lot more money, people likely treat her...


Role Reversals

Elias’ latest post gave me a little epiphany this morning. He mentions social Darwinism as a feature of the Paul Ryan budget proposal, the not-so-subtle subtext of course is that conservatives believe in social Darwinism


The Ultimate Victory, The Final Defeat

Corey Robin was interviewed by David Johnson for the Boston Review, and at the very end the two of them got to talking about the GOP primary. At first, Robin repeated an argument I’ve heard...


Responsibility of Education

by Mike at the Big Stick A recent conversation has led me to do some deep thinking on the issue of school integration, more commonly known as ‘busing’. Let me preface this post by...